Domestic Violence Bail Bonds

Were you or someone you know accused of domestic violence, and are now facing criminal charges? Allegations of domestic violence can stem from heated arguments, situations involving alcohol intoxication, during child custody battles or divorce cases, and even instances of self-defense. Call the professional staff at Ammediate Bail Bonds for domestic violence bail bonds in Palm Bay or Melbourne.

Domestic & Family Violence Charges

Domestic Violence occurs when an act of violence such as assault, battery, or sexual assault is committed against a spouse or ex-spouse, family member or relative, or individuals cohabitating together; Florida also applies domestic violence laws towards persons in a current or former dating relationship.

In Florida, acts of domestic violence are punishable by a minimum five day sentence in county jail, but probation or community service may be offered by the courts as an alternative punishment depending on the circumstances. Repeated offenses, or offenses that occur while a restraining order was in place, will most likely result in harsher punishment.

Crimes related to domestic violence are taken very seriously in Florida and could result in either a misdemeanor or felony charge, depending on the circumstances and evidence. It is important to keep in mind that when released on bond, there may be conditions forbidding interaction with the alleged victim or returning back to the residence (even if you also live there).

If you need to post bond after being arrested for domestic violence in Palm Bay or Melbourne, bail service can be acquired at Ammediate Bail Bonds. Call us today at (321) 631-BOND.

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