Probation Violation Bail Bonds in Brevard County

Probation Bail Bondsman Palm BayProbation is the court ordered supervision of an offender and is given as an alternative to serving a prison sentence. Violating your probation can result in several repercussions. The length of your probation may be extended or revoked. However, the common solution to a probation violation is incarceration. If you have violated one of the terms of your violation and have landed back in jail, call Ammediate Bail Bonds in Brevard County for probation violation bail bonds.

Probation Violation Bail Bondsman

When on probation, there are set of rules that a person must follow. These rules vary depending on the charge and other circumstances but generally include the following:

  • Routinely meet with the assigned probation officer
  • Attend counseling that is related to the crime such as drug abuse counseling for drug charges or anger management for assault charges.
  • Submit to random drug testing
  • Stay within the parameters of a geographical location or a specified jurisdiction
  • Avoid gang association
  • Perform community service

Failure to meet any of these requirements results in violation of probation (VOP). If you or someone you know has violated their probation and need probation violation bail bonds in Brevard County including Melbourne or Palm Bay, call Ammediate Bail Bonds. We have been in business for 25 years and are committed to helping you and your family out during rough times.

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