Violent Crime Bail Bonds

Were you or someone you know arrested and charged with a violent crime? Call the professional staff at Ammediate Bail Bonds and ask about violent crime bail bonds in Palm Bay and Melbourne.

violent crime chargesTypes of Violent Crimes

Assault occurs when a person intentionally threatens to commit an act of violence against a person by word or act. The threat must have the ability to be executed at the time it was made and the intended victim must genuinely fear that they will face imminent violence. Therefore, a person can be charged with assault without physically striking another person.

Aggravated assault occurs when a deadly weapon is involved. Again, no physical violence has to occur for this charge to get levied. If you need a bail bond for an assault charge in Palm Bay or Melbourne, call Ammediate today.

To put it simply, battery is the unlawful use of force against another person that results bodily injury or that is considered offensive touching. Battery can result in misdemeanor or criminal charges depending on the circumstances. To charge someone with battery, there must be proof that the physical contact occurred without permission from the victim and that it was intended to cause bodily harm.

Battery that involves the use of a weapon, causes permanent disability or disfigurement, or battery against a woman known to be pregnant is considered aggravated battery. For battery bail bonds in Melbourne or Palm Bay, give Ammaediate a call.

While we don't condone violence in any way, we believe in the maxim "innocent until proven guilty". We also know that people have the capacity to change. We will do what we can to help you get out of jail until your court date.

If you, a friend, or a loved one was arrested and needs a bail bond for a violent crime in Palm Bay or Melbourne, call our licensed bail bondsmen at Ammediate Bail Bonds today!

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