4 Infamous Crimes and Their Bail Amounts

The perpetrators of the most notorious crimes in American history (Timothy McVeigh, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, and James Holmes, for example) were arrested without bail, as fits the horrific nature of their crimes. Some criminals do get set bail amounts, and people are naturally curious about them. So, here are four infamous cases where criminals (and suspected criminals) were asked to pay a lot for their bail.

George Zimmerman ($150,000)

a picture of an open briefcase filled with $100 billsIt’s hard to get more infamous than George Zimmerman, the man who fatally shot Trayvon Martin after police had urged him to stay away from the teen. His bail was initially set at $150,000. However, when a judge discovered that Zimmerman had exaggerated his financial need, and had set up a web site to take donations for his legal defense, that bail was revoked.

Allen Bullock ($500,000)

During the Baltimore Riots that followed the police killing of Freddie Gray, Jr., Bullock was photographed damaging a police car. Baltimore PD arrested the 18 year old, and his bail was set at half a million dollars — twice the amount that Gray’s actual killers received. Bullock turned himself in, resigned to be held since his family could not afford to bail him out.

Jason Van Dyke ($1.5 million)

a picture of a law enforcement agent with a submachine gunPolice officer Jason Van Dyke was charged with the murder of 17 year old Laquan McDonald after a dash cam caught him shooting the teen 16 times. When attorneys argued that the bail amount was excessive, the judge disagreed, and maintained that the bail amount fit the charges.

Marion “Suge” Knight ($25 million)

Suge Knight, the infamous owner of rap label Death Row Records, is larger than life — and so was his bail amount stemming from charges of murder, attempted murder, and multiple hit-and-runs. The judge also held that Knight had committed felonies while out on bail in the past, and that Knight was a flight risk, as he had tried to flee before.

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