Bail Bonds for Drug Charges

barbed wire fenceBeing arrested can be a chaotic situation, especially so if you are arrested on drug charges. Drug charges can carry life altering penalties, so it is important to seek legal counsel before you go to trial. Don’t let fear and confusion keep you from accessing the help you have a right to. To help you navigate through drug charges you may be facing, we briefly outline them here.

The United States Drug Enforcement Agency classifies drugs into schedules based on their use in the medical field and their risk of abuse or dependence. These schedules span from most dangerous to least, ranging from I to V. Schedule I drugs have a high risk of abuse and no currently accepted use in the medical field, and these include LSD, peyote, methaqualone, ecstasy, marijuana, and heroin. Schedule V drugs have the lowest risk of abuse and include drugs such as Robitussin AC and Lyrica.

Drug charge penalties depend on many factors relevant to the charges. The defendant’s involvement, whether possessing, cultivating, distributing, or trafficking are considered, along with the amount of the drug and the schedule the drug is in.

Don’t Face Charges Alone

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