Bail History Overview

Bail bonds remain an integral part of our justice system. Without them, people would be held in jail before they were determined to be innocent or guilty. Benjamin Franklin once stated “That it is better 100 guilty persons should escape than that one innocent person should suffer”. This importance placed on protecting the innocent is what makes our justice system so great. Here’s an overview of the history of bail bonds:

prison fence and flag




Statute of Westminster:

This statute was instituted by Parliament in England in 1275; it was created to discourage local sheriffs from taking advantage of their power. The bail system it created remained for hundreds of years.

Bail Reform Act of 1966:

This is widely considered to be the most important bail reform in the country (United States). It allows the accused to be released “on their own recognizance”, provided they’re not a flight risk.

Bail Reform Act of 1984:

This act created restrictions on bail; if a person is deemed a threat to the community, they may not be eligible for a bail bond. Situations that can possibly prevent bail include drug crimes, violent crimes, a propensity for violence, a chance of juror intimidation, etc.


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