Does a DUI ruin your life?

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Understanding What Can Happen

Can DUI charges ruin your life? Well, it certainly will not make it a smooth journey. DUI charges aren’t anything to take lightly, even if the DUI charges first offense for you or you think you’re innocent. Driving under the influence will have different consequences in different areas. That’s why it’s important to have someone local who can help when you or a loved one has been hit with DUI charges in Cocoa, FL. Call Ammediate Bail Bonds at (321) 631-2663 or keep reading to learn more.

What is the difference between a DWI and a DUI?

The terms can vary from state to state and in what why they use them. DUI is the acronym used for Driving Under the Influence, and DWI is the acronym used for Driving While Intoxicated. Both of these terms are regarding the same thing, but with each state having their own DUI or DWI laws, they may refer to one. In the state of Florida, the official term used when arresting somebody thought to be drunk while behind the wheel, the acronym used its DUI charges.

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How likely is jail time for first DUI?

It is usually the same story, or similar, “I don’t need a ride, I’m fine. Just a beer or two, no problem.” However, in the state of Florida and the DUI penalties, you are not fine, and you should get a ride home. By law, if you are pulled over, you’ll be facing DUI charges and Florida law is tough, even on a first time offense.

In the state of Florida, are dui charges felony or misdemeanor? In most cases, a first time with DUI charges will be considered a misdemeanor. If you have two DUI convictions in the state of Florida, the past ten years of your criminal and driving records will be examined and your charges will be changed to a DWI.

Once you have been arrested, faced with DUI charges in Florida, there is a fairly excellent chance your world will never be the same.  If they convict you of the DUI charges, you could look at six months in jail, a fine of $1,000, and loss of driver’s license for six months. Your DUI conviction will remain on your Florida driving record for seventy-five years with no chance of the DUI conviction being expunged.

Do you lose license for DUI?

With DUI charges and travel, things will change for you. The laws in Florida are unique when it concern DUI charges and the accused’s driver’s license. Once you’re arrested with DUI charges, your license will be suspended immediately. You have ten days to drive to and from work and any business purpose. 

Once the ten days are over, one of the following will happen with your Florida driver’s license, all depending on your previous criminal background and current actions: 

  • Full Suspension
  • Work Only Suspension
  • Reinstated—depending, in part, upon your actions.

How long does a DUI stay on your record?

If you are convicted with your DUI charges in the state of Florida, it will be permanently on your criminal record. In the state of Florida, there is not expunging DUI charges or convictions, nor can the records be sealed.

A conviction of DUI charges will stay on your driver’s license for seventy-five years. Withhold of adjudication is prohibited in Florida. Florida laws are much more strict than other states, where there is a possibility to avoid a formal conviction if another form of punishment is completed within a set time.  The charges aren’t dropped, they simply won’t appear on your record.

How do you bounce back after a DUI?

After you’ve been arrested and have DUI charges, the next few days are rough, even surreal. You realize the disappointment by your family, friends, employer, and even co-workers. You realize the danger you put yourself and other in driving under the influence. You’re afraid of the consequences you have to face legally.

In Florida, where DUI charges consequences are extremely strict, the consequences will not be fun. What you need to remember, there is life after a conviction of DUI charges and there are things you can do to get back on track:  

1.    Lean on family and friends

2.    Join support groups

3.    Seek counseling or therapy

4.    Consider rehab.

5.    Find a new hobby

6.    Re-evaluate your friends and social activities

7.    Apologize to those your DUI charges affect

8.    Accept what you have done and strive to well

9.    Hire an attorney with DUI experience 

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Last Words

In the state of Florida, if a DWI charges or DUI charges case hasnot been filed against you after being arrested, don’t feel you’re free of any legal issues yet. There is a statute of limitations in the state of Florida and until they have expired, those charges could still be filed.

After you’ve hired a DUI/DWI attorney, the main thing you can do is work at changing your life for the better going forward. Take a look at what made you feel you could drive and learn from that mistake. The next time, the situation could be a life or death situation with even harder consequences to face. Dial (321) 631-2663 with any questions you have about DUI charges in Cocoa, FL and the surrounding areas.