DUI Avoidance: Plan Before You Party

When going out with some friends, you may want to enjoy yourself and have a few drinks. However, there is a major concern: Drinking and driving. Drinking and driving yourself can lead to DUI charges and arrests. DUIs may be considered a misdemeanor the first time you are charged, but quickly become felonies if they are a repeated offense. What steps can you take to enjoy your time with friends and avoid DUIs? While we are not going to tell you not to drink, the first thing we always suggest is moderation. There are some other steps you may take in order to avoid getting a DUI.

Steps To Prevent A DUI Charge

Know The Plan

What sort of get-together is it? Are you at a friends house or are you going out on the town? These sort of plans can help you and your friends make an action plan to control how the night goes. This can both help you have fun and help you control how much you drink and where.

Choose A Designated Driver

Check your schedules. Does someone have work early in the morning? Is there a person who would rather not drink that night? Try to assign a DD for your adventure. While it may not be the most fun job, it is a huge step on your path to having a safe, DUI-free evening.

Find A Ride

If a DD cannot be designated, then the next step is to decide on a mode of transportation. Uber, Lyft, and taxi services are easily accessible via a quick call or tap of the app. You can even split the bill with your group to make it fair for everyone.

Book A Place To Crash

Sometimes the safest choice is to book a room or stay the night at one of your friends’ homes. Before you start your night, see if any of your friends can provide board for the evening. This keeps everyone safe and even lets you continue the fun once you arrive at the house.

Follow these steps for a safe and fun evening. Sometimes, bad things¬†happen and you could end up facing a DUI charge. If that’s the case, call (321) 631-BOND fo Ammediate Bail Bonds in Cocoa, FL!