Financial FAQ and Affording Bail

agreement, handshakePaying for bail is likely one of your biggest questions: how will I pay for it? Is it something I can afford? Our team of experienced bail agents understands that the need for bail can strike at any time, even when your finances may be tight and bail can be a strain. We are here to help you coordinate the financial aspect of posting bail to release you or your loved one as quickly and easily as possible.

The amount that bail will be set at depends on several factors related to the charges. However, bail is typically set at a significant amount of money so the defendant is less likely to skip trial and risk losing all these funds. To post bail and secure release, you typically have the option of paying the full bail in cash, mortgaging your property to cover the cost of the bail, or working with a bail bondsman to pay a fraction of the bail cost.

Our team is on call to post your bail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also accept major credit cards to help you post bail as quickly as possible. Call us today atĀ 321-631-2663 to take advantage of theĀ freedom that bail allows!