Legal Terms: What Is Contempt Of Court?

contempt of court

Preparing for Your Trial Is A Great Way To Help Your Hearing Goes Smoothly.

If you or a loved one have been placed under arrest for the first time, the whole process can be very overwhelming. In this situation, the best bet is to remain calm, and call a bail bondsman at (321) 631-2663 as soon as you or your family member are eligible to post bail. We are happy to help you through every part of the bail process, so that you can get back to what’s important: preparing yourself for your trial. There is a lot to keep in mind before your trial as well, and sometimes the judicial jargon can be overwhelming as well. Today we will discuss a common term in court, contempt of court.

What Is Contempt of Court?

Contempt of court is any action that prevents the court from fulfilling its purpose, or any action that disrespects the court’s authority. There are tow common types of contempt of court, civil and criminal. Being held in contempt of court can lead to jail time, as well as heavy fines, so it is important to always be cooperative and level-headed during your trial.

Civil Contempt Of Court

Civil contempt of court typically refers to situations outside of the courtroom. For example, if the court orders you to pay child support, and you do not pay that child support, you can be held in civil contempt of court.

Criminal Contempt Of Court

Criminal contempt of court is more commonly seen depicted in movies and TV shows. Criminal contempt includes activities such as yelling at the judge, speaking off topic, distracting from the hearing, and so on. Generally speaking, criminal contempt happens within the courtroom, but there are situations it can occur outside the courtroom as well.