Probation Violations

probation violation

A failed drug test could easily result in a probation violation.

A sentence of probation allows an offender to live and work in society. Instead of spending the term of your punishment in jail, you can live a normal life under the supervision of the court. A probationer gets assigned an officer who makes sure that the terms of the probation get upheld. While all probationers have different terms, disobedience to them can inevitably lead to a probation violation. At Ammediate Bail Bonds, we offer probation violation bail bonds.

When a probationer violates probation, a few different things can happen. The period of probation can get extended, with stricter terms. The probationer could also spend a period of time in jail. Probation can also get revoked entirely, which means that the probationer must return to jail and serve their original sentence. Regardless of what happens afterward, someone who violates probation will typically get incarcerated immediately. If you know someone who has suffered a probation violation in Cocoa and Palm Bay, FL, call Ammediate Bail Bonds at (321) 631-2663 for a bond.

Probation Violation Causes

probation violation

A probation violation can possibly lead to serving the entire original sentence on a crime.

While on probation, you must follow certain rules. A lack of adherence to these rules can get you into trouble and possibly land you in jail. While all probation rules vary based on the charge and other factors, they generally include the following:

Regular Check-Ins: You will need to periodically meet face-to-face with your probation officer. This allows them to keep tabs on your life and measure your progress with the terms of probation.

Attend Counseling and/or Support Groups: The court may assign counseling, such as a drug and alcohol abuse education class, that the probationer must complete. For those charged with DUIs, it is common to get ordered to attend Alcoholics Anonymous.

Random Drug Tests: Most probationers get subjected to random drug and alcohol tests with differing degrees of regularity. Any signs of use could result in a probation violation.

Travel: Probationers generally must stay within their home county. Any travel outside must get the approval of the probation officer.

Community Service: A common consequence of probation, the probationer will get ordered to perform a certain amount of community service. This occurs at approved non-profits and gets tracked toward completion of a set number of hours.

Call Today for Help

If you fail to meet any of these requirements, your risk the violation of your probation. If you, a friend, or a family member has gone to jail for probation violation in Cocoa and Palm Bay, FL, give Ammediate Bail Bonds a call today at (321) 631-2663

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