South African Olympian Released on $688 After Murder Charge

Oscar PistoriusThe Fastest Man on Zero Legs, the Blade Runner or Oscar Pistorius: whatever name you know him by, he is also now known for committing murder. This South African sprinter made history in 2012 after being the first double-amputee to compete as a sprinter in the able-bodied Olympics. Pistorius was first found culpable for the 2013 homicide of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. After serving 1 year of his 5 year sentence, prosecutors appealed this conviction and he was found guilty of her murder in November 2015. He is awaiting the sentencing portion of trial under house arrest after posting a $688 bail.

In South Africa, the bail amount is determined by a judge, just as it is in the U.S. The judge saw fit to set a low bail amount as Pistorius had agreed to await his trial on house arrest and would be a low flight risk. As judges set bail in America, they too consider the flight risk, nature of the charges, the defendant’s prior history with the law, and many other relevant factors.

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