The Different Types of Bail Bonds

Bail bonds are used as collateral to make sure an accused person will appear at their court date. There are several forms of bail used by judge’s today so it is important to understand what they are and what it means when you or a loved one has that bail set.

Remember that no matter what type of bail is set, skipping bail and not appearing in court will only make your legal trouble worse. This can result in jail time and costly fines.

Police Vehicle

In some cases, the arrested person may receive a release on citation. At the time of arrest, the officer will decide depending on the severity of the crime whether the accused may be released with the requirement of showing up at court.

One of the most commonly seen bail types is the cash bond. This is set for people that the judge has deemed to either be a flight risk or dangerous to the public. The accused must pay the full bail amount in cash in order to be released.

Personal recognizance is set for those that the judge has determined is not a flight risk or could cause harm. The accused will not have a bail amount to pay but does agree to appear at their court date.

When a bail bond cannot be paid in full, surety bonds are used. That is when a bail bonds agent is hired to assist a family member or accused through the bail process for a percentage of the bail amount up front. The bail bonds agency is agreeing to pay the full bail amount if the person does not appear in court. However, it is the responsibility of the accused or family to pay the amount necessary to the bail bonds agency.

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