The Different Types of Warrants

The Different Types of Warrants

There are Different Types of Warrants You Should Know About.

While it might not seem like knowing the different types of warrants could help you, this is simply not true. When it comes to the law, Brevard County, FL. citizens should know what certain warrants mean. Knowing your rights and the laws is never a big idea and could end up helping you or a loved one. There are many types of warrants, but there are three common ones that you should know and understand.

Arrest Warrant

This is one of the most common types of warrants. An arrest warrant is when an officer of the law is able to arrest a certain person. An arrest warrant is authorized by a judge or a magistrate; in order to issue an arrest warrant, there must be probable cause that a crime was committed and that said a person, who the warrant is issued for, is the individual who committed the crime.

Search Warrant

This type of warrant gives a police officer the right to search a property. A judge will issue a search warrant if they think there is probable cause that a crime has been committed on a particular property and that certain evidence is there. While the fourth amendment protects individuals from illegal searches, a search warrant is legal, and the property can be searched without the individual’s permission.

Bench Warrant

When a person does not show up for their court date, they will usually be issued a bench warrant. If a person does not appear on their scheduled court date, they can be seen as in contempt of court. With a bench warrant issued by a judge, police officers are free to locate and bring the individual to court.

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