The Weirdest Florida Arrests

Florida has a reputation as being the black sheep state of the union; wild and crazy news headlines are always coming out of this area. From alligators in a Wendy’s drive thru to attacking people with a bowl of spaghetti, here are some of Florida’s weirdest, funniest, and most well-known crime stories:

Teen Pretends To Be A Doctor

Weird Florida Arrests Include The Nationally Covered 18-Year-Old Fake Doctor News Story

In 2016, an 18-year-old teen, Malachi Love-Robinson, was arrested for practicing as a doctor. Police posed as new patients and the teen even performed a physical exam, offering medical expertise in his own medical office! He was arrested for fraud and practicing medicine without a license. Love-Robinson was again arrested in 2017 for still practicing medicine without a license and was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison.

Alligator Thrown Through Wendy’s Drive Thru

In 2016, one of the greatest news headlines swept across America. “Assault with a deadly weapon: Florida man charged with throwing alligator into Wendy’s.”  24-year-old Joshua James went to order a drink at 1:30 a.m. James then threw the live 3 foot alligator through the drive thru window as a prank after picking up the creature from the side of the road earlier that evening. He is now banned from all Wendy’s.

Man Arrested After Folding Woman In Couch

The 53-year-old man was charged with battery after folding his ex-girlfriend’s mother in the couch.

Woman Arrested On Deadly Weapons Charge After Potato Salad Fight

A 40-year-old woman was so angry that her father wouldn’t give her some potato salad that she threatened him with a large kitchen knife.

Man Tries To Trade Alligator For Beer

When a Florida man didn’t have enough money for a 12 pack of convenience store beer, he thought that the store clerk would accept alligator as fair payment. The man went unprovoked to a local park and caught a 4 foot long alligator with his hands, tied it up, and brought it to the store. He did not get the beer in exchange.

Ah, Florida. Please don’t ever change.

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