Tips to Get Through a Stay in Prison

There are few things in the world as scary as the prospect of going to prison. Unfortunately, in America, the state of the well-being both physically and mentally of prisoners is largely overlooked by both citizens and politicians. Because of this, many human rights abuses get swept under the rug without a second thought. However, getting through a prison term with your sanity in tact is far from impossible. Here’s a quick list of tips that might make the stay easier.

prison fence and flag




Don’t get in anybody’s debt:

Prison is full of people looking to get you in their pocket. Whether it be from gambling or a favor like cigarettes or snacks, don’t get yourself into debt with another prisoner. You will probably never get out of it, and you could find yourself in a horrible situation.

Don’t talk about your crime:

This applies to any crime, but especially if yours is sexual in nature. Child molesters, specifically, are targeted in prisons and brutalized regularly. If you’ve been convicted of a sexual crime, it’s a good idea to ask for protective custody.

Don’t snitch to guards:

If it’s found out that you informed a guard of a prisoner’s actions, repercussions will be severe. On the other hand, treat guards respectfully. Their view towards you will be the difference between a smooth and rough stay.


These are just some of the basics. Prison isn’t easy, but it doesn’t always have to destroy people either. If you find yourself facing a prison sentence and need bail, give Ammediate Bail Bonds a call at (321) 631-2663.