What Are Some Punishments Given To Juvenile Offenders?

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Prevent Juvenile Crime

Although a juvenile ’s punishment will differ in comparison to adult crimes is should still be considered seriously. Juvenile crime is not to be taken lightly and can cause problems for a person’s future as much as an adult. Those who commit crimes when they are young are often in a rebellion of circumstances that are beyond their control. It’s important if you know of someone who is young and struggling that certain actions will have consequences down the line. Be aware of the types of juvenile crime and how to prevent it so a more stable future can be provided to troubled youth.

What is considered a juvenile crime?

A juvenile crime is considered to involve minors between the age of 10 and 18 that have committed an act that’s in violation of the law. There can be a variety of delinquent acts that can be committed so it’s important to know how to detect and prevent them before they occur to avoid consequences. 

Can you bail out a juvenile?

Juvenile Crime vs Adults

Juveniles don’t have the same constitutional rights or proceedings as adults. Adjudication hearings dor example will be heard by a judge without a trial by a jury of peers as juveniles don’t yet have the right. Additionally, public trial and bail are not a right carried in this case.

What types of crimes are committed by juveniles?

Crimes that are often committed by juveniles can range in severity. Essentially the most common juvenile crime is theft. Theft can range from stealing items in the mall to a backpack from a locker in school. It’s important to speak to your children on the consequences of stealing in order to create a more immediate understanding of issues that can arise from theft. Another juvenile crime that can be committed is vandalism. It isn’t unheard of to have graffiti and drawings on bathroom stalls yet this can even extend to abandoned buildings. Although this may seem harmless it’s illegal and it’s important to speak to your kids about the difference between art and a crime. Although this next conduct won’t lead a child in the juvenile hall it could lead to more serious actions. Disorderly conduct like cursing or fighting at school can lead to an assault which can become serious. It’s important to teach kids how to deal with their anger and irritation in a positive or at least calmer way. Another crime that can be committed by juveniles ins underage drinking of alcohol offenses. Be sure to know where your child is spending their time and if they are going to a party adult supervision may be necessary. These are just a few examples of juvenile crimes and offenses, refer to the list below for more examples.

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Types of Crimes Committed By Juveniles

  • Alcohol Offenses
  • Assault
  • Curfew Violation
  • Marijuana Possession
  • Stealing
  • Tobacco Use
  • Traffic Violations
  • Vandalism

What causes juvenile crime?

A juvenile crime can be caused by broken families or those with unclear ethical values or morals. Lack of communication in the household can lead children to find outlets in their emotions and struggles outside of the home. What’s more a lack of stable finances can inspire petty crimes in order to compensate. Juvenile crime can become a big problem if not addressed appropriately. 

Why is juvenile crime a big problem?

A juvenile crime shouldn’t be taken lightly as it can lead to more serious crimes down the line. Not only this yet it indicates there are deeper underlying issues happening in society that can lead to this outlet. Economic instability, family influences like broken homes, toxic parenting can all cause juvenile delinquency. With the high number of arrests and crimes that are committed in the juvenile levels, it’s clear that there are issues that are still prevalent in society.

How Can Juvenile Crime Be Prevented

A good way to prevent juvenile crime is to create an environment that is stable and safe. Often educational institutions can be the main source of providing this and can provide them with job training while breaking harmful habits.

Contact A Professional For Assistance With A Juvenile Crime

Be sure to become familiar with juvenile crime and punishment in order to prevent them from occurring. Depending on the case there can be outlets for help such as with theft bail bonds through your local bail bond services in Cocoa, FL. With any type of crime, it’s important to see the avenues where help can be used in order to sooth out the judicial process following a crime and arrest. Be sure to get in touch with legal representatives to learn more about the avenues you can ake for help with a  juvenile crime.

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