What Are Weapon Charges?

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Learn More About Weapon Charges

If you find yourself or someone you know with weapon charges it’s important to get in touch with a lawyer or bail bondsman regarding an arrest. Each state will have different or varying circumstances with charges that should be taken into consideration. It’s best to get familiar with the laws of your state so there aren’t any illegal happenings with weapons on your end. Sometimes things that you didn’t consider a weapon may be one for your state. Weapon charges can easily be turned into serious crimes so be cautious before even considering carrying or purchasing a weapon. Here is some general information regarding weapon charges that may be useful to you so you may know more before you start down a path that you can’t return from.

What are federal weapons charge?

Federal weapon charges can encompass a broad spectrum of unlawful activities such as distribution, possession, sale or use of handguns, firearms, and other weapons. Federal charges will differ from state charges with state courts handling the majority of criminal and civil cases in the United States. When things progress or advance away from state courts then they go to the federal level. 

Concealed Weapon Charges

Just like any other law carrying concealed weapons will either be a misdemeanor or felony. This will largely depend on the state laws and circumstances of the case as each state differs.

What is a felony gun charge?

A felony gun charge will consist of a person that is accused of possessing or carrying a firearm when attempting to or committing to a felony. This is a separate charge with any other felony charge and conviction being additional.

Convicted Weapon Charges

Someone charged and convicted of possessing a weapon will typically face misdemeanor levels of punishment. This may include probation as well as up to 1-2 years in jail.

Illegal Weapon Charges in Florida

The state of Florida will have it illegal for a convicted felon to knowingly possess, own or control a firearm and deem this as a 2nd-degree misdemeanor crime. This will be punishable with up to 60 days of jail and up to $500 in fines.

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What is considered a weapon in Florida?

  • dirk
  • knife
  • metallic knuckles
  • slingshot
  • billie
  • tear gas gun
  • chemical weapon or device, or other 
  • deadly weapon except for:
    • firearm
    • common pocketknife
    • plastic knife
    • blunt-bladed table knife

How much time do you get for a gun charge?

Weapon charges for prohibited weapons in possession of an individual is often a misdemeanor yet some situations can count as a felony. Misdemeanors are crimes where punishment is typically up to a year in jail with fines whereas a felony can lead to incarceration in prison for at least a year or more and much larger fines.

Can you get probation for a gun charge?

Someone who is charged with unlawful possession of a firearm may or may not be eligible for probation depending on the degree of their offense under the Graves Act. Weapon charges with a gun can have probation depending on the person’s history, the circumstances of the case and the attorney. Jail time and a mandatory minimum may need to be met before someone is eligible for probation. 

What are serious weapons charges?

weapon charges on a global scale will refer to a broad scale of charges that involve weapons. Most state statues divide charges with either possession or use yet there are more categories as well. A serious charge can be someone who has used an illegal weapon and has killed or threatened to kill someone.

Can deadly weapon charges be dropped?

With a lack of a deadly weapon, if it can be proven in court that a deadly weapon was not present during a case than weapon charges can be reduced or dropped. With lack of intent, weapon charges can be reduced or dismissed if it can be proven there was no intent beyond a particular action.

Get in Touch With Your Local Bail Bondsman

If you’ve been arrested with weapon charges it’s best to consider getting weapons crime bail bonds. A bail bond will allow you to get out of jail after paying a portion of a bail fine in order to await the future proceedings of legal matters at home. To find out more about the specifics of payments and what conditions need to be met in order to not break bail and risk further charges be sure to get in touch with your bail bondsman and lawyer. Legal matters are very specific and need to be complied with in a time-sensitive manner so it’s important to communicate with the necessary parties when possible. When weapon charges are involved this is especially important so make sure that you’re communicating whenever necessary.

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